FLEAZY Affiliate Programme


Programme Overview

Thanks for considering supporting Fleazy. We offer personalised, effective flea treatment delivered to your door to look after your dog. The first month is half price. Our high quality treatments are personalised for your pet and are developed and approved by vets.

What Itch gives your users:

  • Never again forget to treat your pet for fleas with a monthly subscription service

  • First month's treatment is half price.

  • From $16 a month after that with free delivery

  • Personalised for your pets

  • Gold standard products, developed by vets

  • Friendly, knowledgeable team on hand seven days a week to answer your questions


The Itch Affiliate Programme - we're happy to offer you:

  • $6 commission for every sale* (the first box is half price for the customer)

  • Higher than average conversion rate

  • Regular offers and incentives

  • Engaging content and creative

  • Dedicated affiliate care team!


We're also happy to create exclusive campaigns, targeted specifically at your users to increase conversion. Get in touch to see how we can best work together.


*Commission will be declined if a customer cancels within the first 30 days of the trial period. To get the $6 commission for every sale, a customer needs to keep the subscription package for at least 30 days. 80% of pets continue with the product and maintain their pets being flea-free. 



Commission payments are validated after 70 days. 

Fleazy will approve commission payments where the affiliate:

  • Has used the relevant Affiliate Window link and a customer has then used that link to complete a purchase on itchpet.com

  • The customer has stayed after the initial 30 days (after the initial trial period)

Fleazy will not approve commission when:

  • An unapproved promotional code has been used or codes for offers used in other channels

(takes around 5 minutes)

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